What US Med Care Club Offers Members

US Med Care Club members and their families receive unique opportunities to participate in health care initiatives. Members receive education on how to be savvy consumers of health care services and information on value-based health care with an emphasis an exceptional patient experience.

Members are eligible for unique incentive programs that encourage completing screenings, achieving learning objectives, and improving health status. Members have access to individual and group competitions and are eligible for valuable prizes.

The Care Club initiatives identify health status with the primary purpose of halting the progression of chronic illnesses. US Med Care Club Members receive health care with hospitality – small groups, educational programs and one-to-one coaching establishes a fresh, personal health care experience. With access to high-quality and highly convenient health care, families can take charge of their own well-being.

proper management of chronic conditions

Proper management of chronic
conditions can reduce the length of
hospital stays by up to 35%.

Proactive, Preventative Health Care

US Med takes a proactive approach to health care. Rather than waiting for illness to strike, US Med uses early screening procedures and wellness education initiatives to help you make positive changes and lead a healthier, happier life. Our goal is to help patients avoid preventable illness, the ER, and expensive treatments. One example of our unique approach: US Med joins members for “Pau Hana” Fridays, bringing healthy food and education conveniently into the community.

When chronic illness strikes, US Med makes the transition as smooth as possible. The Care Synchronicity program can help you manage your chronic conditions and live a full, happy life, regardless of your ailments. US Med employs care providers to help you manage all aspects of your care, from medication, to doctor’s appointments, to everyday life.

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