Measurable Short and Long-Term Benefits For Employers

US Med can help employers mitigate risks associated with excessive health care spending and promote a more productive workforce. US Med Care Club and US Med Care Synchronicity curb health care expenditures through unique strategies that engage employees to actively participate in health care screenings, health care spending and personal health care management.

US Med brings health and wellness education directly to your employees. With early identification and screening procedures and employee health education, US Med helps make health care relevant by bringing it to the community with creative and fun initiatives. Our partnerships with schools and community groups are changing the way health care integrates into the community.

Improving patient experience and engagement creates measurable short and long-term benefits. When health care consumers become active participants in their health, it significantly lowers employer health care expenditures: with US Med, you can cut health care spending by an additional 10 to 15 percent and save even more through increased employee productivity.

Employer health care costs are on the rise: in 2013,
employers covered 18% more
of each single employee’s health care premium.

health care costs

US Med also uses early screening procedures to identify the medical risks of your workforce. By assessing who is at risk for which illnesses, US Med gives employers the knowledge they need to make smart decisions about health promotion programs. When employers know the risks their employees face, they can take action.

US Med uses claims data and early screening procedures to give you a stratified view of your workforce’s overall health. This data empowers you to make informed decisions about health care expenditures based on the risks and needs of your employees.

A Win-Win Approach to Health Care

A healthy workforce is a productive one. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, productivity losses related to health problems cost the US economy $225.8 billion per year. With US Med Care Club, employers can curb these losses and gain fiscal control in health care spending.

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