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At US Med, health care reform starts with educating health care consumers to seek value in their health care “purchases”. Our approach is helping to shift generational values and beliefs that health care is only the cost of a co-pay, only relevant when one is ill, and that health care is something one receives outside of his or her daily routine.

Affordable and Accessible Health in the Community

US Med Care Club begins this process by bringing health care directly to the individuals and their families. We weave health care into the tapestry of their community, making it accessible, relevant, and based on long-standing relationships. US Med educates individuals and families to understand the cost of health care; costs not just in terms of dollars and cents, but in quality of life. When consumers seek value in their health care and support value-based health care providers, health care becomes relevant and relationship-based. It can even reconcile disenfranchised individuals to a health care system that may have failed them in the past.

Personal, community based relationships between individuals, families, health care providers, and communities establish the necessary engagement to stop the progression of chronic illnesses and improve health care outcomes. Through educational initiatives, US Med cultivates savvy consumers of health care services. We give people the tools and knowledge to seek value-based health care providers, make wise choices regarding lifestyle, and assist them in getting the highest return on their health care investments.

US Med Care Club instills hospitality in health care. We screen and select every member of our team based on their desire to serve the community. Our unique approach underscores their excellent clinical skills with further training to provide an exceptional patient experience.

Data Analytics

US Med Care Club uses advanced data analytics to give employers a stratified view of their workforce’s health risks. We then use the data to make accurate assessments and tailor the most effective strategies to reach cost reduction goals. Analytics convert data into knowledge and knowledge into intelligence, giving Trustees and CFOs fiscal control of health care spending.

ER diversions

1 ER Diversion will pay for a member’s US Care Club premiums for the
whole year.

The data analytics direct Care Club members to value-based health care providers by tracking member satisfaction, fiscal and health care outcomes so that each member can set, track, and reach their goals.

Early Identification and Screening

Tailored early identification and screening processes identify employees who are at-risk for developing chronic illnesses and incentivizes them to address conditions before they progress. Leveraging the Urgent Care services for ER diversion, collaborating with primary care providers and identifying chronic illnesses provides immediate cost savings for employers using self-insured plans and health and welfare trusts.

Our Care Synchronicity provides extra support for those individuals whose chronic illness requires hospitalizations, complex medication regimens and coordination between multiple providers.

ER Diversion

Through the ER diversion program, US Med can decrease unnecessary ER usage by 10% within the first 6 months. The ER Diversion component consists of educational campaigns like presentations at member-attended events and incentives for member engagement.

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